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On Site Tec is a team of qualified professionals working as a unit of one to provide the best service available. We take pride in ourselves by offering quality products and quality service. Serving Broward and Palm Beach County since 1996, We have established ourselves as one of the leading IT solutions companies.

We have established ourselves as one of the top IT solutions company. We are committed to our success and the only way to do that is to keep up with technology and to keep our clients satisfied. Fast Response, Quality Technicians, Quality Products and intent to keep your company up and running. That's our Formula for Success.

Fast & Reliable Service

When your computer goes down, the most important thing is to get it back up & running fast. Whether it's a personal computer, or for your business, getting it back online is always crucial! If you depend on computers in your home, at your company or mobile notebooks when you're out, a computer that doesn't work or isn't performing properly can become a true crisis. Most of us panic... but help is just a phone call away.
On Site Tec provides the tools necessary to keep your business functioning properly. We provide hardware, software, computer repairs, computer service, network solutions, consultations, training, backup solutions all at competitive rates. With several service plans to choose from, our rates are even more competitive. Furthermore, service plans add an additional savings on hardware and accessories.
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I first called On Site Tec in February of 2010. My computer wouldn't boot up at all, only getting as far as the screen that showed "Windows is Loading". My phone call was picked up by a recorded message telling me that a technician would call me back within 15 minutes...

I've been using Onsite Tec for many years. I'm handicapped with Muscular Dystrophy and am basically wheel chair bound. Gaming is my lifeline to the outside world. I have friends all over the planet that compete with me playing World of Warcraft. It's the best part...

After having worked with several different computer companies and having no success with their quality of work, lack of detail and never fully resolving the issues related to running our computer network, we decided to switch computer companies again...”