April 2014

I first called On Site Tec in February of 2010. My computer wouldn't boot up at all, only getting as far as the screen that showed "Windows is Loading". My phone call was picked up by a recorded message telling me that a technician would call me back within 15 minutes. The call was returned almost immediately! A tecnician was sent to my home and arrived within a half an hour. After diagnosing the problem I was told that I needed a new mother board. The part was available in the tech's truck and it was installed, into my computer. After making some other minor adjustments the computer booted up faster than it ever did before the problem began. We have 3 cats and 2 small dogs. The technician pointed out the animal hair that was ticking to the outside of the computer. He then unhooked the unit... took it out to me driveway and blew it out with an air pump that he had on the truck. The cost of the visit was more than reasonable and I was thrilled as I was prepared to hear that the machine was past the point of being able to be repaired. These guys are great! I would recommend them to anyone facing any problems with their computer.

Aaron C.
Coral Springs, Florida

January 2016 Updated

I'm pretty good with computers but when Microsoft switched over to Windows 8 and then Windows 10, I was lost. I have 4 computers that were networked and after buying two new ones with Windows 10, all the network connections became useless.
So of course I called Onsite Tec.
After using them on many occassions, always with great results, Darrin Delia, the owner was able to ease my mind. He came over the same day and reworked all my computers. Not only was he able to netork my older Windows XP units to the new ones, he also took the time to go over everything I needed to know about the new Windows 10 system. As always, his charge was more than reasonable!
So now I'm an expert with Windows 10 and although my machinery may have changed Onsite Tec's service is still the same... Great!

September 2016

I've been using Onsite Tec for many years. I'm handicapped with Muscular Dystrophy and am basically wheelchair bound. Gaming is my lifeline to the outside world. I have friends all over the planet that compete with me playing World of Warcraft on my computer.
It's the best part of my life!
Recently, I decided to upgrade to a top-notch gaming computer. So I called Darrin at Onsite Tec for suggestions. He came over to the house and went over all my options based on what I wanted. He ordered all the parts for me and the computer was built from scratch.
When UPS called to let me know the date it would be arriving I called Darrin. He came over to my house just as it arrived and put it all together for me. It took about four hours to put all the parts together and then show me how everything worked. For me, it's my greatest investment.
For the amount of work done and time spent I was pleasantly surprised when Darrin gave ne the bill. Darrin is the best and Onsite Tec deserves the highest praise!

Laura G.
Margate, Florida

October 2016

After having worked with several different computer companies and having no success with their quality of work, lack of detail and never fully resolving the issues related to running our computer network, we decided to switch computer companies again.
We were referred to On Site Tec. They came in analyzed our network and computer system and came up with a solution that was not only affordable but finally resolved our issues for good. We found that other computer companies seemed to only patch the problem only to keep coming back and rebilling for their services. But, On Site Tec fixes the problem every time we have an issues and never charges a fee if they have to return to re-fix the same problem. We have recommended On Site Tec to several other companies who are also extremely happy with their service.

Dorothy H.
AwayInn Hotel,
Fort Lauderdale, FL