Wireless and Wired Networking

Computer networks for the home and small business can be built using either wired or wireless technology. Onsite Tech is proficient in setting up either types of these networks, addressing the best solution for each individual user's needs. Wired Ethernet has been the traditional choice in homes, but Wi-Fi and other wireless options are gaining ground fast.

For businesses that are expanding their technology, Onsite Tec will evaluate and make recommendationes of the best solutions depending on the specific needs of the company. Networking not only your ccomputer infrastructure but also connecting all devices that make up each particular system such as copiers, printers, scanners, and all other devices that integrate within your network.

Both wired and wireless can claim advantages over each other; both representing viable options for home, business as well as other local area networks (LANs). We diagnose potential issues and make suggestions to put together the best working system to create a trouble-free working enviornment.

Call us to set up an appointment for a quick direct solution to all networking needs.

Office Setup and IT Installation

Onsite Tech doesn't limit our installation services to computer systems, unified communication or network infrastructure. We can install and configure any of the IT solutions supplied including virtualisation software, data storage and cloud computing platforms, SharePoint intranets and portals and many other technologies.

Our focus on customer care ensures that we provide a conclusive post-installation, IT training and support and maintenance service as standard for all the products and IT solutions we supply.

The engineers, developers, project managers and training instructors at Onsite Tech hold key industry accreditations (Microsoft Certified) and they have extensive experience of IT systems installation and configuration projects for customers and projects of all sizes.

Whatever your requirements our technical services team will help deliver personal service for your IT project on a timely basis. Take a look at our Testimonials to see the type of IT systems installation and configuration projects that we have delivered, and hear feedback directly from our satisfied customers.

Network Wiring & Cabling

Network cabling and wiring systems rely on a variety of structured cable system components working in harmony. The weakest link in a cabling channel represents its highest performance.

Some of the components of a cabling system include: patch panels for switching functions between router for incoming and outgoing lines, horizontal cables for in-wall installation, and patch cables to connect stand alone computers to outlets and outlets to telecommunications closets.

For housing and storage of network wiring systems, products such as cable troughs, wireways, enclosure cables, rack accessories, and cabling cabinets are also installed. These components protect the wiring and equipment from dust, dirt, water, and oil while simplifying cable management.

Onsite Tech offers a wide range of network wiring products and services needed to design and build an IT infrastructure that will serve your strategic business needs.

Hardware & Software Installation

The operating system of your computer is an important factor to be considered when we install any new software requested to be added to your system. It is the base program, which is designed to manage the hardware and software resources in your computer.

Before we install any software, the first important step we take is to check the configuration of your computer, and the system requirements of the software. The configuration of your computer must match the requirements of the software to be installed.

With advancing technology, the computer peripherals are frequently upgraded, and many newer and better ones are made available each day. To install one or more of them to your existing system, you need to first unplug all the power cords of your computer that are connected to the mains, before moving on to connecting the hardware.

The hardware package may include an accompanying CD that contains the software which will help your computer's OS in recognizing the new hardware. Install this software before you connect the hardware to the computer, which must be restarted after a CD installation is complete. There are two different types of computer hardware.

Most computer software and hardware installation can be carried out with the help of some basic knowledge of computers. But many who believe they have this knowledge sometimes do more damage than good when attempting to make changes to the operating system. If an installation procedure seems too complicated, you should ask the professionals at Onsite Tec to install or help with the installations to gaurantee a proper working operating system and avoid costly repairs in the future.

Quickbooks Integration

QuickBooks Online and Desktop integration can be a intensive chore for many businesses that don't have the time to go through extensive online instructions and manuals or delegate the job to an inexperienced employee.

Setting up the software properly will also vary depending on which merchant account you use to complee your basic transactions.

The Pros at Onsite Tech are adept at setting up this software system with any and all merchant services and take the time to explain the workings of the product to your staff in a way that makes understanding its functionality an easy process.

QuickBooks tecnology, like other sofware programs is constantly changing and being updated. When these updates go into application a simple phone call to Onsite Tech can usually explain what you need to do to remain up-to-date.

If you are planning to setup QuickBooks or need help updating your system, Call us to make an appointment and we will assist you in a timely manner.

Custom Application Setup & Configuration

Windows 10 has introduced a new feature which makes it possible for an organization to customize the start layout by locking down individual groups within the Start layout. This allows us to customize their start layout and ensure that their corporate applications are always present on Start while allowing the end user the freedom to customize the start layout with their own applications.

The simplest way we create customized Start layouts to apply to a company is to manually create a sample layout on a test machine and then export that layout. The exported Start layout can then be deployed to all machines in the company or even on a personal computer system. To prepare a Start layout for export, we simply customize the Start layout on a test computer.

We don't limit our installation services to computer systems, unified communication or network infrastructure. Onsite Tec can install and configure any of the IT solutions we supply including virtualisation software, data storage and cloud computing platforms, SharePoint intranets and portals and many other technologies.

Our focus on customer care ensures that we provide a conclusive post-installation, IT training and support and maintenance service as standard for all the products and IT solutions we supply.

Server Configuration & Security

When setting up infrastructure, getting your applications up and running will be our primary concern. However, making your applications to function correctly without addressing the security needs of your infrastructure could have devastating consequences down the line.

A firewall is a piece of software (or hardware) that controls what services are exposed to the network. This means blocking or restricting access to every port except for those that should be publicly available.

By setting up an SSH, or any kind of authentication, including password authentication, is completely encrypted. However, when password-based logins are allowed, malicious users can repeatedly attempt to access the server. With modern computing power, it is possible to gain entry to a server by automating these attempts and trying combination after combination until the right password is found.

Setting up SSH key authentication allows you to disable password-based authentication. SSH keys generally have many more bits of data than a password, meaning that there are significantly more possible combinations that an attacker would have to run through. Many SSH key algorithms are considered uncrackable by modern computing hardware simply because they would require too much time to run through possible matches.

Server Maintenance

Our comprehensive server maintenance program includes preventative measures to reduce downtime and business interruption. We evaluate your servers' backup, antivirus, email, RAID, critical updates and cooling system operations. We will also go the extra mile to clean temporary files, inspect the hard drive and memory allotments. Regular defragmentation is run to further maximize the performance of your vital servers.

Exchange Server Installations

A new installation of Exchange Server 2016 involves applying an Active Directory schema update, as do most Exchange Server cumulative updates, as well as preparing the Active Directory domains where Exchange Server 2016 and any mail-enabled objects will be located. In an Active Directory forest with a single domain this can all be performed as one task.

The Active Directory schema update will automatically apply when you run Exchange Server 2016 setup on the first server in your environment. A Windows Server 2012 R2 server with the Exchange Server 2016 Mailbox server role pre-requisites installed doesn't quite meet the requirements (you'll need to add the RSAT-ADDS feature as shown below). A domain controller will have RSAT-ADDS installed already, but may also need the .NET Framework version shown below to be installed first.

Whether you're running the schema update from an Exchange server or a separate server (some companies do this as a separate task due to change control reasons, or because of different teams having different administrative responsibilities in the environment) then further requirements apply.

Expert Exchange Server Installation by Onsite Tec can take all the technical challenges you or your company will face when attempting to complete this type of installation.

Network Security Configurations

The network devices hold some great importance for someone who wants to get connected to the internet since that is their ticket for the connection. But the security of those network devices is very important since one might be at some potential risk of data theft and the data alteration which can be dear to someone. The network devices can be secured in many ways. After securing one can ensure some good performance and can hence improve the productivity of his company. Following are the things which can help implementing network devices' securities

Firewalls, Routers, Switches, Load Balancers, Proxies, Web security gateways, VPN concentrators, NIDS and NIPS, Protocol analysers, Spam filters, UTM security appliances, Application aware devices and Web application firewall vs. network firewall are all aspects of this topic.

Lost? The knowledgeable technicians at Onsite Tech have the training and know-how to take care of Network Security Configurations and show you how to work and maintain their value.

Network Maintenance and Security

It's easy to think that with such advanced technology our network systems shouldn't incur the same problems as simpler machines. But even with cutting-edge computers, the underlying fact is that these systems are complex collections of machines performing millions of calculations. In addition, networks are required to protect your valuable data from human error, viruses and spyware. For this reason, your network and the data it contains are your most valuable asset. On-Site Technology has the expertise to develop the most effective and affordable method of maintaining and securing your networks.

Remote Support and Monitoring

Onsite Tec proactively monitors your business' entire IT infrastructure. We can anticipate and prevent issues before they occur and keep you up to date with any IT issues until they are resolved including Proactive Network Monitoring, Windows Update Deployment, Hardware/Asset Tracking, Software License Tracking, Security Update Monitoring and Event Ticketing & Resolution Tracking.

We know how frustrating it can be whenever a computer, a printer, or your network goes down. It prevents people from being able to complete their daily tasks, which adds to the cost of operations, and the cost of repairing the problem. With Onsite Tec PC remote monitoring service, you never have to worry about that again.

Remote Support

We service your remote and traveling users with the latest secure remote access tools, so that they're productive when on the go. Microsoft's integrated remote support applications enable us to take control of your desktops, mobile devices, and servers, just as if we were physically present. By utilizing effective remote support, On-Site Technology is able to reduce your support expenditures by minimizing the number of on-site service calls. This allows your issues to be resolved faster, making your users more productive, and minimizing costs at the same time.

Intrusion Protection

On-Site Tec employs proven firewall technologies to protect your network from unauthorized users and intruders. We further protect your network from the enormous damage that can result from virus attacks. Client, Server and Messaging Anti-Virus Suites offer advanced protection from viruses. Your email systems are another opportunity for security breaches. With email filtering and encryption systems we enable you to filter all unwanted emails, while keeping legitimate emails secure. These effective security applications keep potentially damaging emails from ever reaching user desktops.

Help Desk

The mission of modern help desks is to support business value and end-user productivity and satisfaction. In most cases, the help desk is the first line of defense. Its effectiveness is mission-critical as it is commonly the first, and sometimes only, point of contact for the end users. On-Site Technology has created a unique model for delivering high quality support while maintaining cost efficiencies. Our personalized assistance is provided via both phone and email for desktops, laptops, servers, email, WAN/LAN (Internet/network), wireless, mobile devices and printers. During phone support, we can even access your server to modify network users and perform changes.

More Categories

DVR Configurations, Custom Workstation and Server Builds, Lost Data Prevention, New Computer Setup, On & Off-Site Backups, Data Recovery, Hard drives, Memory Sticks, External Drives

DVR Configurations

By having the ability to view your Digital Video Recorder (DVR) over the internet, you will have a much better chance at stopping a crime from happening. Onsite Tec can configure your DVR system to give you the ability to see what's happening in your home when you're away.


Universally supported with the latest content creation software tools, custom workstations allow creative professionals to do more in less time on a wide range of content creation projects.
Server build scales automatically to meet your build volume. It immediately processes each build you submit and can run separate builds concurrently, which means your builds are not left waiting in a queue.

Lost Data Prevention

Lost Data Prevention software products use business rules to classify and protect confidential and critical information so that unauthorized end users can't accidentally or maliciously share data whose disclosure could put your files at risk. For example, if an employee tried to forward a business email outside the corporate domain or upload a corporate file to a consumer cloud storage service like Dropbox, the employee would be denied permission.
Onsite Tec is proficient in setting up these systems.

New Computer Setup

Onsite Tec can setup complete computer systems whether they are store-bought or assembled from scratch.
We connect all components such as printers, copiers, scanners and more to make your new system a turn-key operation.
We can easily network multiple computers making moving files from one to the other a painless experience.

On & Off-Site Backups

There are both onsite and offsite backup options, and both have certain advantages and disadvantages.
Onsite storage usually entails storing important data on a periodic basis on local storage devices, such as hard drives, DVDs, magnetic tapes, or CDs. Offsite storage requires storing important data on a remote server, usually via the Internet, although it can also be done via direct access.

Offsite storage has some advantages over onsite storage, including access to data from any location, via Internet or FTP, data will be preserved in the event of an event taking place within the business, backup data can be shared with a number of different remote locations and more.
Onsite Tec can set up the backup system that's best for you or your company.

Data Recovery

Hard Drive Recovery is the process of extracting and recovering data from either a laptop, desktop or external hard drive that has failed either mechanically, logically or by user error leaving you without access to your data. Our trained engineers deal with all types of disaster recovery on all types of equipment. We can perform hard drive recovery from hard drives that have been dropped, flooded, burned, shocked or simply fail on their own. We also recover data from Windows, Mac and Linux computers. These hard drives may be clicking, beeping, buzzing, not spinning, dead, not recognizing and more.

Hard drives, Memory Sticks, External Drives

Onsite Tec can provide all essentials for all your Windows and Apple products, supplying new and rebuilt components as well as compatible accessories.